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  Everything starts with a blank page.
So did my label. - A blank page and an empty factory floor, actually.
Huge amounts of pages were filled since then, a couple of projects came into existence, some are online but most faded into the beautiful abyss of liveshow impermanence.

I always referred to 'aeneki as "us", like a tribe of people, when really it was mostly just me. Well, there were cast and crew; at one point even a whole army .. and a lot of thought, heat and energy. But here, in front of one of those empty pages, it's just me again. - And I am in the process of restructuring things and need to be true to this label of mine: I'm sorry, thank you, I love you but most of what you represent is in the past. So -

What stays - for now - is my humor, my portfolio and a truck with a built in Sauna; which may even be the perfect representation of it all: communication, fire and woodchopping!

Please find whatever speaks to you on the attached pages << over to the left.

xoxo yours Niels aka 'aenekiBerlin


Mobile Sauna

me as seen by Sydelle Willow Smith