And... Action!

Our future: Feature length Films
One Script down, one to go.

#1 P.O.V.
In a fruitful and inspiring cooperation with a major german production company, 'aeneki is working on its 90 Min. debut, titled P.O.V.!
Naturally, first the script had to fulfill the promise of the pitch. So we were all about story development up to finishing 1st draft in May 2014.
Shooting is planned on a comparatively low, but concept-wise totally fitting budget.
The plot has to be kept in darkness for now - which is quite adequate, since the film will be veeery dark as well...

Second in line was first in development: our "debut spec" was finished in 2013. Actually also in cooperation with that same production company.
BUT it's a german-language spy thriller, 90% of it play in Turkey. It needs a number of great actors, high value locations, big cars, stunts, crashes and a shootout in the middle of an Eastern Anatolien village.
So - has to wait for a bit.
Until film#1 has brought fame, fortune and reputation...

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P.O.V. was selected for Arri Genre Pitch !
Feb 15th 2017, 2 pm, GENRENALE Babylon Berlin.