"Never let anyone be less happy after he met you..."

To want something different
Aylin Esener's (auto-)biographical Punk-Rock-theatersolo

A barstool, a microphone, the band and two square meters of space for the protagonist's exciting battle through the turmoil of her identity.

Wolfgang Vincke connects biographical facts and records of his interviews with the actress Aylin Esener and residents of the Aix-la-chapelle Turk-Comunity Ostviertel to airtight text cascades. In this personality show, these clash with songs like In the Ghetto (turkish: Ghettolarda), a study about the integration of the turkish in Germany, newspaper articles etc. All fuel for an expedition into a very close, yet completely strange world - musically, poetic and always unexpected.

Running time 1 hour 30 min.

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