"Everyone is elite." (from the manifest)

The Argus Army

Deutschlandfunk Radio, February 2nd 06:

"HOST 100° is the title of the theater marathon. ... a lot of groups question everyday life rituals, others the moral responsibility of theater. The plays have become more political. Somewhere in between lies the recruiting action of the group aeneki:

AENEKI ... we are in the process of building an army, already have 54 recruits and are targeting at around 100 until August 06. A part of them will be going to the Argus camp in autumn. ... historically it is clear that every member of an army is subject to directives ... our army is a collection of energy and attitude of self-reliant people - their chance will be to decide togehter what to fight for or against or whether to fight at all.

HOST The anarchistic troup contingent of Niels Kurvin. A game? Agit prop? Or a naive vision? At the end of the four days the audience will know."

Tour dates:

Schloss Lanke, Brandenburg
Kiosk Festival, Theater Schwankhalle Bremen
Lucia X-mas market, Kulturbrauerei Berlin
Boxklub Mörgens, Theater Aachen
100°Berlin four day marathon festival of independant theater, sophiensaele & HAU Berlin
fleetstreet Theater, Hamburg
jaap Atelier, Berlin
nightview galerie, Berlin
re-/location # 1 : Sanatorium, Theater Zürich Schiffbau

Camp (Sept 2006)
at/tension Festival, Kulturkosmos Lärz/Müritz

Exhibition (Jan 2008)
Group show "smokers liberation front"
Galerie Photoshop, Berlin

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