"When S... is back, we have to talk about our investment - that sounds bitter now..." (from the drop off-mail)

Everyone cooks their own soup
Cooking Show behind church doors

This Show was meant to present new productions at the Theaterkapelle Berlin-Friedrichshain. The kitchen staff would create a three-course meal matching the theme or concept of an upcoming play.

We were dropped off after only three shows, despite the growth of audience and positive feedback, due to unsolvable conceptional differences between the Kapelle-superintendant and aeneki. We solely cook at home again now.

The Team
Chefs de Partie: Niels Kurvin, Dr. Klaas Zierau
Comis: Jan Theiler (Pastor Leumund)
Cookmate: Christiane Kersten
VJ: Hamster Damm
Piano: Holger Duhn

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